Be Prepared for Hurricane Season!

Hi Homeowners,

The 2022 hurricane season has officially arrived and now is the time to make sure you are prepared.

The City of Houston’s Office of Emergency Management has published a Disaster Preparedness Guide to help you get ready for hurricane season. It includes topics such as making an emergency plan, building an emergency kit, being informed about disasters, and how to help members of your community prepare. The Harris County Public Health Department has also prepared a webpage of resources dedicated to hurricane preparedness and recovery.

Additionally, here are a few tips on what your family can do to be prepared for hurricane season:

Evacuation routes

Have a pre-determined location to go to and plan your route. Anticipate that cell phone coverage may be limited and phone map apps may not be reliable.


Stock up on non-perishable food and water, including formula for infants and food for pets, for 3-5 days per family member.

Prescriptions & Medications

As access to pharmacies may be limited, ensure your medications are filled and you have enough supply in case you are not able to return to your home.

Power up

Always keep phones, laptops, and any other battery-powered equipment to ensure they are always charged and ready to be used in case of an emergency.


A power outage means there could be a loss of ATM availability or even cash-only transactions at retailers that are still open.

Fuel up

In case of an evacuation, ensure you have a full tank of gas to travel as far as possible before needing to refuel.


Walk around your home, snap pictures of your home and other valuables - these may come in handy for insurance purposes later. Remember we are here to SERVE you and help you through the process with our insurance specialist.

Home maintenance

Ensure gutters & storm drains around your home are secured and free of debris. We can come out and service that if needed. Remember to trim trees and shrubs that could convert into flying projectiles during high wind storms. Measure windows and prepare plywood boards in case window boarding becomes necessary.

In the event of any weather-related facilities closures, Serve Construction & Remodeling Inc. will keep employees updated via text message, phone call, and email."